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  • Nike-Air-Command-FORCE-Billy-Hoyle-White-684715-100-Size-12-5-MINT-Worn-Once


    Nike Air Command FORCE Billy Hoyle White 684715-100 Size 12.5 MINT

    Worn Once... I would rate these 9/10 in my opinion... but look at the pics for yourself:)

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    NOTE: This pair has had the original insoles replaced with Spenco Total Support Insoles, a $40 value. I do not have the original insoles.

    Semi-Flexible Arch Support for Low-Profile Stability. Target Consumer: Athletes looking for semi-flexible support who participate in a variety of physical activities using minimalist or low volume shoes. Consumers seeking semi-flexible support and motion control. Recommended For: Increased shock absorption. Advanced support for the arch and heel. Increased shock absorption. Improved motion control to reduce over-pronation and supination - the leading cause of many common injuries such as plantar fasciitis. Unconditionally guaranteed for one full year.
    •Thin insoles fit in almost any shoe but give full support
    •Features increased shock absorption
    •Advanced support for the arch and heel
    •Stiffer black pod counters over-pronation, softer red pods guide the stride
    •Great for athletes who participate in a variety of low-demand physical activities and need semi-rigid support

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